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Mobile marketing tool to fill Rwanda’s outdoor gap

-June 21st, 2017

Heightened enforcement in Rwanda of a bylaw regulating outdoor advertising has created a gap, which MeMe from Digitata Insight has used to take MTN Rwanda live though mobile advertising.

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Opera invest $100m in African Internet

-May 31st, 2017

Opera recently announced its plan to invest $100 million (R1.3 billion) over the next two years to facilitate the growth of African digital economy.

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VR gets real across Africa

-February 10th, 2017

Virtual Reality became mainstream in several African countries including Nigeria last year. RUSSELL SOUTHWOOD spoke to the founder of Nigerian based Imisi 3D, JUDITH OKONKWO, about what she’s doing and the prospects for this technology.

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All eyes on Africa tech

-December 6th, 2016

Forget bootstraps, Africa is a continent dragging itself up by its code strings to become a global player - but it needs more software developers, writes BRETT PARKER, SAP Africa Managing Director.

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ShowMax brings VoD to Kenya with M-PESA

-October 10th, 2016

ShowMax has recently launched two VoD packages in Kenya. The first offers a range of international and local content while the second, a mobile offering, is designed especially for the mobile market - offering data savings of up to 75%.

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SA’s PayGate bought by Kenya payment processor

-September 29th, 2016
Credit card on computer keyboard.

PayGate has been bought by the Direct Pay Online Group, (DPO), the leading online payments processor in East Africa.

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Trade evolves in Africa – again

-September 15th, 2016

Arica’s recent historical deficit puts it in a convenient position in terms of adopting new technologies. Other regions have paid the expensive price of being early adopters but African companies can now adopt the best in modern technology, writes BRETT PARKER, MD for SAP Africa.

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Why Nigeria’s young entrepreneurs are different

-September 14th, 2016

Many African countries are at the beginning of a major shift in how businesses are run as young entrepreneurs make their presence felt using new tools and technologies that were previously not available, writes MAGNUS NMONWU, of Sage.

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Africa in world’s first blockchain bank transaction

-September 9th, 2016

A trade finance transaction between the Seychelles and Ireland, via Barclays Africa, could herald a new era in financial technology.

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Nigeria about-turn for mobile money services

-September 1st, 2016

Following protests at a bar on mobile money transfers to Nigeria, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has made a about-turn and has now approved WorldRemit and other international money transfer operators (IMTOs).

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