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Five steps for companies to respond to cyber attacks

-February 22nd, 2018

A dreaded issues an IT team has to deal with is that of ransomeware. However, PETER ALEXANDER, CMO, Check Point, offers five tips on how to avoid it.

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Cloud storage strengthens biz

-February 20th, 2018

Archiving records has been considered an uphill battle for organisations for decades. While the format of these records have changed from paper to pixels, the battle is far from over. Cyber resilience expert at Mimecast, NICK SAUNDERS, provides some benefits of cloud archiving.

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Hacking has changed – and so must you

-February 5th, 2018

According to F5 data that tracks the 25 largest security breaches between 2000 and 2015, an astounding 72 percent of today’s attacks target identities and applications, not the network.

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Short shift to cloud

-February 5th, 2018
Migrate to cloud button on keyboard

Migrating to the cloud doesn’t have to be a complex task anymore. KABELO MAKWANE, MD of Accenture South Africa’s Cloud First business, explains the ‘Lift and shift approach’.

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Ransomware evolves in 2018

-January 23rd, 2018

If 2017 is remembered for anything in the cyber sphere, it is remembered as the year of malware with high-profile breaches like WannaCry and NotPetya. The question is, what can we learn from last year to improve things for this year?

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Start-ups can now register company and domain in one

-January 22nd, 2018

Thanks to a collaboration between the Companies & Intellectual Properties Commission (CIPC), the ZA Domain Name Authority (ZADNA) and the ZA Central Registry NPC (ZACR), a new company can register its name and relevant co.za domain name at the same time.

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Site fights cyber bullies

-January 18th, 2018
Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 2.40.17 PM

Cyberbullying is a major issue in South Africa with statistics showing one in four teens being subjected to it. KidTech has recently launched a website allowing parents to identify if their children have been victims.

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Cyber arms race escaletes

-January 16th, 2018

In the ongoing, constantly-escalating security arms race, what do new vulnerabilities in our networks and data-centers look like?  Doros Hadjizenonos, country manager, Check Point SA offers his predictions.

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SA search went local in 2017

-December 27th, 2017

The top searches on Google in South Africa shows deepening interest in local news and places, writes BRYAN TURNER.

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Opera’s 5 topics that got SA reading in 2017

-December 27th, 2017

2017 may have been one of South Africa’s most politically and economically action-packed years to date, but many online publishers may be surprised to learn that these are not among Mzanzi’s top five most browsed topics of the year.

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