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CeBIT 2010: Mini-PC fits behind your monitor

05 Mar 2010 by
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CeBIT 2010: Mini-PC fits behind your monitor

Mini is "in" again this year, as demonstrated by the Shuttle Computer company, which is presenting a family of ultra-compact, HD-compatible computers, including its Shuttle Barebone XS35 model, at CeBIT 2010.

Just 3.3 cm wide, this mini-PC is so small it can be fitted behind flat panel displays, thus freeing up desktop space. The energy-saving hardware platform consists of an Intel Atom D510 dual-core processor and NM10 Express chipset. A NVIDIA graphic card provides streaming 3D and video playback. Sound and picture are transmitted via an HDMI interface. A special advantage consists of the mini-computer's five USB ports, plus a memory card reader, VGA interface, audio ports, 2.5-inch hard disk and a DVD burner. A Kensington lock provides for added protection against theft.

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