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iTunes now sells movies in SA

13 Dec 2012 by
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iTunes now sells movies in SA

A week after the iTunes Store opened up its music catalogue to South African customers, movies also became available yesterday, for sale or rent.

Apple yesterday announced that users of the iTunes service with South African accounts could now rent or buy movies. The announcement came a week after music went on sale to South Africans for the first time.

"Browse for comedies, romances, classics, indies, and thrillers, and buy or rent them in up to 1080p HD," ran the statement. "Purchase on any device, and your movie will be downloaded and accessible in your iTunes library."

The catalogue includes movies that have recently entered video stores, such as Brave, Ice Age 4 and The Avengers.

Apple last week announced the launch of the iTunes Store in Russia, Turkey, India, South Africa and 52 additional countries. The long-awaited announcement cames a little more than three months after the launch of Simfy Africa, which introduced a flat fee for unlimited music streaming and downloads on 27 August. However, iTunes is the first legitimate movie download service in South Africa. 

Pricing & Availability

iTunes 11 for Mac and Windows includes the iTunes Store and is available as a free download from apple.com/itunes. iTunes Store purchases require a valid credit card with a billing address in country.



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