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Acer overhauls M Series Ultrabooks

17 Jan 2013 by
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Acer overhauls M Series Ultrabooks

Acer has overhauled its M Series Ultrabooks to include a 10-point touch, frameless HD display with Intelís Core processor and over eight hours of battery life.

The Aspire M Seriesí smart, yet stylish design is an ideal fit whether inside a meeting room or a cafť, while the latest Intel Core processor and dedicated graphics make it an excellent choice for gaming enthusiasts. The Aspire M3 is the first Acer Ultrabook to pack a next-generation NVIDIA GeForce GT640M GPU to enjoy the latest graphics-intensive games with ultimate  detail, smooth curves, and life- like animation. Not to mention the flawless streaming of Internet video and movies.


Nimble and swift, the Aspire M Series lets you easily handle your daily tasks as well as relax with a movie or a game. To add to the overall experience, the M3 flaunts Dolby Home Theatre v4 audio enhancement and premium speakers.


In the Acer Timeline notebook series long battery life is standard and the M3 is no exception, offering a full day of productivity and entertainment on a single charge. Whatís more, it keeps up with your pace, thanks to Acer Green Instant-On, which springs to life and resumes from sleep mode in just 1.5 seconds. In addition, Acer Instant Connect reconnects to favourite access points in 2.5 seconds.

Encased in an elegant dark chassis made of aluminium alloy to increase durability, the Aspire M3 houses a responsive chiclet keyboard with a numeric keypad for a fast and comfortable typing experience, while the oversized touchpad offers more precise control. The built-in battery seamlessly integrates in the design enhancing its minimalist, modern look.

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