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Top 10 iPad docks

18 Jan 2013 by
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Top 10 iPad docks

There is a huge choice of docking stations for the Apple iPad on the market, but most of them are dull and look like each other. AMELIA HUNTER rounds up ten rather unique looking docks.

1. RockAppleWood docks

RockAppleWood makes unique docking stations for Appleís iDevices from wood and stone pieces found in California, all in a single copy. The one on the pic below is a dock with a 1.2W speaker made from the remains of an old oak tree discovered by the designer. Stylish, eco-friendly and the only one of its kind.

2. Creative hammer iPad Dock

I donít know if this dock is real, but it definitely looks very cool. And it reminded me of the catapults from the famous Age of Empires series.

3. Venus of Cupertino

If you want a unique and artsy docking station for your iPad, have a look at the Venus of Cupertino. Inspired by the round forms of the statues of Venus, the goddess of fertility and love, and sold for $199, this dock will hold your tablet gently and sync/charge it.

4. Vintage Typewriter

This cool vintage typewriter can act as a docking station for your Apple iPad and a fully functional keyboard that has not only the usual number and letter keys any computer keyboard has, but even keys like F1, ESC and CTLR, too.

5. Sound Shrine

Georg Dinkel, photographer from Bavaria, has created this docking station and called it ďTonSchreinď, which means ďSound ShrineĒ in German. I am not sure if heís going to start producing these, but I guess many people will be willing to buy such luxury accessories.


6. Joby Gorilla Mobile Yogi

This dock has flexible legs that can help stabilize or hang your iPad everywhere, or even attach it to your knee. And itís not just a concept ó you can buy it from Amazon for about $78.

7. Running Water

The Running Water iPad stands are designed by Japanese studio Nendo, and as you could have guessed from their name, they look like faucets with running water. Looks quite real, doesnít it?

8. V-Luxe iPad Stand

The V-Luxe iPad Stand will turn your tablet into a í50s style TV set with a speaker cabinet, not preventing cable access for audio and power, and access to the touchscreen and its Home button. Itís available in walnut, cherry and African mahogany, but youíll need to have a spare $1500 to buy it.

9. Adjustable Skadoosh stand

This is not the most unique stand youíve ever seen, but itís definitely a very comfortable one. Itís available at Amazon for about $70.

10. Handmade Natural Stained Wood Retro TV iPad Dock

And here is yet another retro-looking TV dock for the Apple iPad. Itís handmade, and it fits any iPad, even the new iPad 4. And $60 seems to be a fair price.

* Amelia Hunter is founder and editor ofhttp://www.teqno-logical.com. Follow her on Twitter on@HunterAmelia


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