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Fujitsu ups the game for desk jockeys

21 Jan 2013 by
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Fujitsu ups the game for desk jockeys

Fujitsu has announced a new generation of displays that are clearer, more detailed and easier on the eyes.

For office-based “desk jockeys” who sit in front of a screen all day, their display is an indispensable interface. Choosing an ergonomic model that’s easy on the eye can make a tremendous difference to user comfort and help reduce strain-related illness.


Compared with previous models, the new Fujitsu displays are better lit, highly luminous, more easily adjustable and yet drawing up to 60% less power than ever before. The latest line up of Fujitsu LED displays offers the widest range of options for business, a choice of display sizes between a comfortable 22-inch and an expansive 27-inch, and fully ergonomic height and plane-adjustable models where changing the positioning is fingertip-easy.


The all-new Fujitsu display line up is made up of three models – the designed-for-professionals P Line, the sleek X Line and the all-round B Line. At the top of the range, the Fujitsu P Line P27T-7 LED Display is among the industry’s first 27-inch Quad High-Definition (QHD) displays to support the stringent power-saving requirements of Energy Star 6.0 standards, while still providing a comfortable and immersive viewing experience.


The new-generation Fujitsu displays line-up also integrates the growing trend of mobility in the enterprise, introducing support for MHL (Multi High Definition Link) technology with the Fujitsu X Line X23T-1 display. This enables smartphone owners to use their phone as a mini-PC, by up-scaling their display to a full-size screen via MHL, and using a Bluetooth-enabled keyboard and mouse. Not only is the big screen more convenient than a smartphone for working on Office documents while on the move, but also the display charges up the phone’s battery via the MHL cable.


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