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Indoor mapping comes to SA

16 Apr 2013 by
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Indoor mapping comes to SA

A partnership between mapIT and Micello sees the release this week of indoor maps for venues across South Africa.

Digital mapping company mapIT has announced indoor digital maps for 65 shopping malls and 9 airports in South Africa. The maps are made possible through its partnership with international location services provider Micello, which has 15 000 indoor venue maps worldwide. This data enables enterprises to deploy an extensive array of maps in mobile and desktop applications.

"With 40% of mobile search having location intent, indoor mapping will offer our clients a whole new dimension to their businesses." said Etienne Louw, Managing Director of mapIT.

The latest maps strengthen the already extensive collection which now includes;

  • 3,7m+ mapped square feet
  • 50 000+ individual buildings
  • 775 000+ places of interest (POI)

"As the indoor mapping industry heats up, especially with recent news about Appleˇ¦s acquisition of WiFiSlam, we are positioned perfectly to help grow the ecosystem by focusing on generating geo-accurate indoor venue maps," said Ankit Agarwal, CEO of Micello. "Micello is already the leading indoor map and navigational data supplier for many GIS and Mapping Platforms. This additional content will enable a new class of mobile location experiences for markets like retail, healthcare, entertainment and enterprise."

Micello uses in-house technology developed over several years to create a quick yet highly scalable operation.

This expanding indoor map collection offers both publicly available and privately maintained venue maps, including shopping malls, retail stores, airports, college campuses, schools, stadiums, hotels, casinos, museums, business campuses and hospitals.

Micello makes all indoor venue maps available through their products, including a map- and location-based cloud platform, via downloadable map and data packages.


For further information visit www.mapit.co.za/indoormapping

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